Math HOMEWORK this week!

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Today the students were given a division practice page to complete at home.  They are to show the steps of long division, and then use multiplication to check their work (on the notebook paper that was given).  There are only 9 problems, and the assignment is due no later than Thursday.

If the assignment gets misplaced and you need to print another one, you may click on the box on the right-hand side of my blog for instructions on how to print the homework at home.

Long Division

This is a video made by another teacher, Christine Munafo, explaining the process and steps of long division.  We have watched this in the classroom, but this will provide an excellent review for your child.

We also watched a video “Long Division Style”, which is a parody of the song “Gangnam Style”.  Although the video talks about dividing decimals (which we don’t do in the 4th grade), the process of division is still basically the same.  It’s just another fun tool to the kids can use to help them with the steps of long division!  🙂