Parent Homework, REMIND, & Multiplication Facts

The kids’ homework folders are full of notes today!  The 4th Grade Grading Policy & the multiplication fact note need to be signed and returned ASAP.  The “Million Words” parent homework 😉 is not due until next Friday, Aug. 31. (The kids earn reward tickets when they are returned!)

I’m also asking parents to please enroll in my REMIND classes.  I have two REMIND classes:  one for my homeroom, and one for math.  I use REMIND to keep parents informed about upcoming events, quizzes, etc.  It’s also a great communication tool when parents need to change transportation methods or get messages to their kids.  To sign up for Homeroom notifications, text the message @hunter4hr to the number 81010.  To sign up for messages regarding Math, text the message @hunt4math to the number 81010.

The majority of math-related stress in 4th grade students comes from the lack of knowledge of the basic multiplication facts.  It is EXTREMELY important that students become fluent in their facts so they can concentrate and spend time on the process of HOW to solve a problem, and not just spend all of their time trying to do the computation of the problem. 

Below are some practice links to Quizlet.  Clicking on a link below will allow many options to practice a set of facts:  Flashcards, Learn, Test, Scatter, & Space Race.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.55.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.52.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.48.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.31.30 PM

Week of May 14-18

Monday:  STAAR Math- Bring a book to read after testing, an unopened bottle of water, a healthy snack, & mints or mint gum.  No outside lunches or visitors will be allowed.

Tuesday:  STAAR Reading- Bring a book to read after testing, an unopened bottle of water, a healthy snack, & mints or mint gum.  No outside lunches or visitors will be allowed.

Wednesday:  5th Grade STAAR Science– No outside lunches or visitors will be allowed. 

No electronics (including classroom phones) are allowed on STAAR testing days.  If you need to get a message to your child or a teacher, please call the Intermediate office, 903-291-2101.

Friday:  Bouncy House during enhancement & Splash Pad from 10:30-2:00–Socks will be needed for the bouncy house.  A letter will be sent home with Splash Pad details, including entry fee ($1), concession prices, &  CHAMPS behavior minutes.  Parents are welcome to come join the fun!  Students will be allowed to be signed out with the teacher.

Angle Practice Links

These online games will help you practice classifying and measuring angles.  Each picture will take you to a different game.

CLASSIFYING angles as right, acute, obtuse, or straight:






















Reminders for Week of April 23

Tuesday:  Snow Cones–Students who pre-paid last week for their snowcone will get to enjoy it during enhancement time.

Wednesday:  4th Grade Field Day— Students will need to bring a LABELED water bottle, a towel, & a change of clothes/shoes (if staying at school for the whole day).  Please wear sunscreen & tennis shoes (no sandals or flip flops).  All activities will take place on the upper practice field.  Parents will be able to sign-out their child with the teacher ONLY AFTER ALL ACTIVITIES HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.

Thursday:  Progress Reports & graded paper binders will be sent home.