Easter & STAAR

Easter parties will be Thursday afternoon.  The students will rotate classes & play short games, then return to their homerooms for snacks & drinks that will be provided by the school.  (COVID protocols are still in place, so no outside food or parents will be allowed.)  Students & teachers will then enjoy a long break this weekend for Easter.  Both Friday and Monday will be school holidays.  4th Grade students will return to take the STAAR Writing test on Tuesday, April 6.  Please help to make sure your child gets plenty of rest Monday night, and arrives to school ON TIME (preferably by 7:45!) Tuesday morning.  They may also bring a HEALTHY, NO MESS snack and a bottle of water.

Free Animated Happy Easter Images

Equivalent Fractions

We have used the videos below in our study of equivalent fractions:













Click on the pictures below to practice identifying and finding equivalent fractions:




*This site has many games and exercises for practicing equivalent fractions.













*Even though SplashLearn is a FREE site, it does require registration.















Virtual Fraction Manipulatives

In our study of fractions, the manipulatives that we use in class are pattern blocks and fraction tiles.  The picture below will take you to a website where the kids can use fraction tiles and circles to make all kinds of discoveries such as equivalent fractions, adding/ subtracting fractions, modeling & identifying improper fractions & mixed numbers, and comparing & ordering fractions.  Not only can the fraction pieces on the site be moved or manipulated, but there is also a work space with a drawing tool that the kids can use to write the equations or fractions that they’ve modeled.  They can then take a picture of their work and email it, or even post it on their blog!   To check it out, click on the picture of the fraction tiles below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 8.43.30 PM

Book Fair Rescheduled

The Book Fair has been rescheduled for March 1st-9th. Monday, March 1st, primary students will come to preview the book fair and make their wish lists. Tuesday, March 2nd, intermediate students will come to preview the book fair and make their wish lists.

The last day to shop will be March 9th.

If parents would like to shop online, click on the picture of Clifford, The Big Red Dog, below to make your selections.



Decomposing Fractions

We have begun our fractions unit, and one of the first skills we are learning about is how to decompose a fraction.  Until recently, “decompose” was a word that I applied to science–not math!  “Decompose” means to break down or break apart into smaller parts, and I’ve learned that we can apply that word in math, too!  Parents–we did learn this in school, BUT–we just didn’t use the same vocabulary.  Below are a couple of sites that provide the students with practice decomposing fractions.  The Khan Academy and Nearpod sites have videos included in case the students (or the parents) want to know more about the skill.  🙂  Just click on the picture and that will take you directly to the practice.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.11.27 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.01.36 PM