White Oak ISD Updated Covid-19 Mitigation/Protocols: May 10, 2021

On May 10, 2021 the White Oak Board of Trustees voted unanimously to make the wearing of masks optional for students and staff on the campuses of White Oak ISD. This Covid-19 Mitigation/Protocol change will go into effect immediately for all afterschool activities and on the morning of Wednesday, May 12 for students and staff during the school day.

White Oak ISD will remain vigilant in regard to Covid-19 and continue to sanitize, social distance when feasible, and utilize other strategies as we close out the school year.

White Oak ISD will also allow visitors for ‘specific events’ on campus and ask that those in attendance follow any specific guidance requested by administration at the campus level.

It is our goal to close out the school year in a fashion that allows some ‘normalcy’ for our students, staff and parents. We appreciate your continued support of White Oak ISD!

Go Roughnecks!

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